Why Notion is my new favorite productivity tool as a designer

Notion.so — The all-in-one workplace

As a designer balancing multiple projects along with job searching, my collection of resources, notes, and files keeps growing by the day. I find myself switching between my Chrome bookmarks, my notes in Evernote, and my docs in Google Drive constantly, and sometimes it drives me nuts not having these things more organized in one place. That was until I discovered Notion.

Notion is a powerful organizer, notebook, planner, tracker, and more packaged into the most user-friendly workspace that I have ever encountered in a productivity tool. I may be somewhat late to the game since I just discovered it a few weeks ago, but it’s been a huge upgrade in my digital life, and I wanted to share the simple ways that it has transformed my workflow.

To start, I’m the type of person who has to keep an online record of my notes. Evernote was my digital notebook of choice, a place to store my compiled records and ideas, but lacking in customization and functionality. It’s easy for notes to get lost in the shuffle, so I usually organize and look for things by date.

Notion completely transforms this experience because it allows you to link your pages together and create subpages, so it functions more like a website where you can navigate to linked items easily. This creates a much more structured notebook where content can be easily located. Why hasn’t this existed until now?!

A snapshot of commands

It gets better though. On each page, you have a wide selection of the type of content you can create. Text, lists, boards, cards, tables, galleries, embedded media, you name it. Inserting these pre-built blocks onto your page is so easily done within a simple inline command. And if you want to adjust the font styling, that can all be done inline as well!

A major upgrade from Google sheets

Notion offers a collection of useful templates that you can borrow, like this tracker for job applications. I love this because it lets me customize the type of input that I want for each category (such as tags or a date picker). Rows and columns can be easily dragged and dropped for reordering!! Now that’s something you can’t do in Google docs.

Notion template gallery

So far, I’ve only touched the surface of what Notion has to offer, but I’m so glad to have this in my personal workflow. I can’t wait to make use of all the powerful features in the near future!




Product designer based in LA 🌞 Tweeting @amyyang0110

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Amy Yang

Amy Yang

Product designer based in LA 🌞 Tweeting @amyyang0110

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