A selection of resources to kickstart your UX design journey

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I remember when I was first starting out in UX design, I struggled with knowing where to begin looking for resources like free visuals, UI kits, mobile patterns, inspiration, and more. With more experience, I’ve come to discover a trove of useful resources online that I wish I knew existed earlier on.

That’s why I wanted to share a collection of my favorite resources for budding UX designers who are just getting started, as well as for designers at any level looking for valuable material to add to their bookmarks.


UX Library

UX Library is a great selection of curated resources that cover topics on the basic fundamentals and principles of UX design. This site makes it easy for beginners to start exploring the various topics as an introduction to design.



DesignBase is a curated database of resources made for designers by designers. This is where you can find a ton of valuable resources that are free to use (because who doesn’t love freebies?!). They have everything ranging from inspiration to collections of UI kits, fonts, icons, stock photos, and more.


UX Archive

If you’re working on mobile design, UX Archive is the place to go for UX trends. Here you can explore user flows from hundreds of different apps and browse by different categories. You can also save and download your favorite screens. This comes in really handy for doing competitive analyses or staying up-to-date with new patterns!



What I love about this site is that it teaches you design principles and good practices by showing and analyzing real life examples. Growth.design publishes case studies of popular apps in a fun, interactive comic book format that walks you through the case study. Talk about an engaging user experience! But it doesn’t stop there. They also have a section that discusses 101 cognitive biases and principles with examples and tips for applying to your own work.


Product Disrupt

Finally, I think it’s important for UX designers to have a good understanding of product thinking. That’s why I love Product Disrupt’s curated selection of newsletters, blogs, and design leaders and makers to follow so you can learn from some of the best experts in the field. This site was created by a self-taught engineer turned designer who wants you to “think of it as a guide to your DIY design education.” Suitable for designers at all levels, you’ll find inspiring leaders who will help broaden your product knowledge and fuel your creativity.

Product designer based in LA 🌞 Tweeting @amyyang0110

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Amy Yang

Amy Yang

Product designer based in LA 🌞 Tweeting @amyyang0110

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